Brightpix Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brightpix Photography (Brightpix Photography) Thu, 28 May 2015 15:21:00 GMT Thu, 28 May 2015 15:21:00 GMT Brightpix Photography: Blog 120 120 Kayleigh & John Pre-Wedding shoot in Emsworth Kayleigh & John Pre-WeddingKayleigh & John Pre-WeddingTaken in Emsworth 23/05/2015 On 23rd May 2015 Kayleigh & John came down for a location shoot in Emsworth.
This was their pre-wedding shoot and gave us a chance to get know each other before their big wedding day in July.

I will be shooting their wedding and a pre-wedding shoot is a nice relaxed way to get comfortable in front of the camera and with me, the photographer. It gives us a chance to practice some posing. On the day of the wedding it can all get a bit hectic with guests and crowds of people and so if they remember some of the posing tips it will help with the photography on the day. 

The pre-wedding shoot went very well and Kayleigh and John got very comfortable in front of the camera and we made some lovely relaxed photographs. I am now looking forward to photographing Kayleigh & John on their wedding day.

If you are getting married do take the chance or ask your photographer for a pre-wedding shoot. It will really help you feel more relaxed in front of the camera on your wedding day. You will get to know your photographer and it will not feel like a complete stranger pointing a camera at you when your big day comes around.


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Hayling Island Scooter Rally 2014 On 31st May 2014 I attended the Hayling Island Scooter Rally held at Mill Rythe. Scooter BlingScooter Bling It was a chance to see a huge variety of scooters. Many customized or just lovingly restored by their owners. There was a party atmosphere among the many clubs and individuals that attended. Live music was provided by 'The Corsairs' pumping out their own unique style of punk and rockabilly.
It was a privilege to be able to chat with owners of the scooters and hear some of the background stories behind them. A scooter is not just a means of transport but a way of life and a way of preserving memories from a past era.
These photographs are just a sample and taster of the rally.
There were over 200 scooters with their owners, families and friends in attendance and of course the many visitors like myself soaking up the atmosphere and sights of these colourful machines.

I went along to see this meeting of scooters and clubs and came away with lots of personal stories and a great feeling of comaradery as well as some photographs as a memento of the day.

In The Blood Scooter ClubIn The Blood Scooter Club

   In The Blood Scooter Club

To see more photographs of the Hayling Island Scooter Rally look at my gallery


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Go-Karting - A Lesson In Life I am not really sure where to start with this entry, but I guess it all started when I went to get my fish and chips. After looking for another fish and chip shop (I had become dis-satisfied with my local one) I found one that suited my needs not too far away from where I live. It was a friendly family run business which is always nice to support too.

Over time I got to know the owners and we often had a chat every Friday when I was in the shop. Jane was the person running the shop on a Friday evening and it was also owned and run by her parents who ususally had the Friday evening off. Jane's daughter, Jodene also worked in the shop several nights a week afer finishing school for the day. Jodene is your average teenage girl and you would have thought that she would be spending her time hanging out with other girls and listening to music along with the other things young teenage girls get up to. But no, this was not quite the case. Jodene had a passion for racing go-karts. This was not just a fad. It turned out that she is away nearly every weekend at different go-karting venues to either race or practice. Well not only was Jodene racing go-karts but her mother, Jane had been in training to become an official track marshall. I would often ask how she was getting on. Well, a couple of months ago, I was more than pleased to hear that Jane had passed all her tests and was now an official race marshall which meant that she can take part marshalling many races although her main interest is in the go-kart races. 

So how did they manage all this racing? Jodene's dad, Paul was the one responsible for getting them to the venues along with the go-karts and all the support equipment. So, now I find out that Jodene has a twin brother, Peter, who also goes along and races at the same meetings. Many of the race meetings are held quite some distance away which means that after shutting up the fish and chip shop late on a Friday night they head off for a weekend away, where they all camp at the race venue.

On my Friday visits to the shop I would always ask where she had been racing and how she had done. I had also been promising for some time that I would come along to one of the meetings to photograph the event and provide her with some good photographs. Well as time went on, I was never able to quite make any of the meetings because of my own weekend commitments. Jodene must have thought that I was never going to go.

Eventually the family decided to sell the fish and chip shop which meant that I did not get my usual contact with them on a Friday although Jodene has continued working in the shop 2 or 3 nights during the week. All of a sudden I found that I had a free Saturday so I contacted Jodene and found that she would be racing at Rissington that coming weekend. She assured me that it would be ok to go and importantly be able to take photographs.

So Saturday morning came and I loaded my car with my camera gear, some food and drink and made the two hour drive to Rissington. The site seemed to be full of camper vans, caravans, and transport vehicles. There were go-karts everywhere on stands and trolleys being readied to go on track. I couldn't find Jodene or her family so I went down to the track which was buzzing with life. I checked out some spots for photography and made some test shots of the go-karts as they flashed pass me. These go-karts go a lot faster than you may think and seeing them zip around corners like they are stuck to the road is thrilling.

After my initial excitement, and a couple of hundred frames already taken, I thought I better drag myself away from the track to try and find Jodene. As luck would have it, I bumped into her as I started walking around the site and she invited me to come back to the van and meet her father. Paul, whom I had not met met before was a friendly guy and we were soon in conversation getting to know each other. I was very much interested in hearing about his involement in the go-karting and he was keen to return the information. We then went across to Jodene's grandparents camper van where Ron and Billie offered me food and a cup of tea. They come to many of the race events too. I also met Peter who is Jodene's twin brother. Surprisingly he is very different from Jodene and I would never have guessed they were related, let alone twins. I did't see much of him as like most teenage lads he was socializing and kicking a ball around with his peers between sessions. So, the whole family were here with the exception of Jodene's mum, Jane. Apparently Jane was marshalling at another go-kart track the same weekend and so was not able to be with them. 

Saturday was a practice day so I did not get to see any real racing. However these are real racers and they were still racing each other wheel-to-wheel testing out their opponents while practicing the circuit. This was Jodene's first visit to this circuit so it was important to get to know the track, it's corners, and overtake points. All this while trying to set a fast lap time. There are many different classes of go-kart and each of the classes had to go out on track at different times and intervals. Jodene competes in the Junior TKM class. She had several sessions on the track during the day. For each session the go-kart is wheeled to the start point on a trolley before being set down ready to start the engine and get out on track. At the end of each session the go-kart is reloaded onto the trolly and wheeled back to the camp area where it will be worked on and checked ready for the next session.

The day was a constant parade back and forth to the track. I went with Jodene to make photographs of her in the start area and then I had to run around to the other side of the track to get photographs of her and the go-karts in action. Each session only lasted about 5 minutes or so which meant that I had to be very quick to react and get the shots.

Back at the camp between sessions Paul was working on the go-kart making adjustments. Jodene would go and select another carburetor  from a box of many and would ask her Dad to swap it on the go-kart. Jodene was not afraid to get her hands dirty either. She decided to clean off some of the rubber tyre marks on the side pod which are quite common due to inevitable contact on track. She was not so happy when she found that the cleaning fluid started to melt her painted nails. Getting the marks off the sticker with her name on was an important task though.

During these maintenance periods I got to speak to Paul some more. We discussed the expense of go-karting which is quite a sum. Both Jodene and Peter had go-karts which had to be maintained, new tyres which do not last long, transport, entry fees etc. Paul admitted that it was expensive but he wanted do what he could for his kids while he could. They grow up so fast and life just passes by if you do not make the most of it. Never mind the expense, he says. Live for today as you cannot make up for it later. He truly believes that the go-karting is a good life lesson for his children. They have made many friends in the karting world but they are reminded that once on track that all that friendship is put aside and it is everyone for themselves. Very much like life and business. If you want a good business it is ok to be friendly but you need to fight for yourself when you need to if you want to be successful. And it is worth remembering that not everyone you meet out there is going to be friendly when it matters. Just as we may find people friendly to our face but not behind our backs. All the experiences that they encounter at these race weekends, on and off the track is representative of life itself. Jodene uses some of her own money that she earns in the fish and chip shop to buy parts for her car. Her last purchase was a GoPro camera to record her racing from onboard as well as helping with new tyres. She is learning to manage her money and that it has to be earned. Paul tells me that he does not make them pay and indeed does not make them go racing. They have come to enjoy the racing life and Paul feels that it is a fantastic way to connect with his children. He is does not get concerened whether their performance is good or poor as long as they are are out there enjoying life.


It was so nice to share a day with Jodene and her family and to see them all together at this race event. I would like to thank them all for taking me under their wing for the day and allowing me to photograph Jodene. I wish Jodene every success in her racing and hope to be able to see her again at another race weekend soon. We all hear the usual lady driver jokes but this girl can drive. Go girl!












Take a look a look at the my Sports gallery for more images.


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Graduation Day Kerrie graduated from Portsmouth University on 23rd July 2013. Her mother employed me to take photographs of Kerrie and the family after the ceremony.


It was decided that the photographs were to be taken in a neighbours garden rather than at the university. While we were waiting for Kerrie and the family to arrive back from the university, I set up my equipment in the garden. I decided that I would use one Elinchrom BXRi 500 studio light to give flexibilty of shooting.

Kerrie and the family eventually arrived after spending a few hours at the ceremony in Portsmouth and then making their way back through the city centre traffic. Knowing that they had booked me as their photographer, they decided not to join the 2 -3 hour queue for the event photographer at the university. Apparently the queues were that long and then only two photographs are taken along with the hard sell for products afterwards.

Having employed me as their photographer we were able to make plenty of photographs of Kerrie and all the family in a relaxed atmosphere which was a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the university. I am sure that the relaxed style helped to make better images than those that would have been made on the portrait production line at the university.

Congratulations to Kerrie on her graduation. It was a very enjoyable experience to photograph her, the family and her boyfriend.







For your next event consider choosing your local photographer with the personal touch rather than rely on an unknown event photographer.

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Welcome to my new website and Communion 2013 Welcome to the new website to feature Brightpix Photography.

At last I have managed to get a website up and running and hope to be able to share some of my photographs for you. It is to my own surprise that many of the images I have intially selected for the home page are black and white. There seems to be something that draws me to that style. I will change the images as time goes on so do please keep coming back to take a look.


Last night I had the opportunity to display my images to the parents of 15 young children who I photographed at their First Holy Communions on 19th May at Emsworth and Havant churches. I have been privileged to have been able to photograph these events for over 15 years. How things have changed since those earlier days when I made photographs on film and then had to get them processed and printed to present to the parents. Last night was an evening when all the parents got together and they were able to view the images on my iMac screen and also on a large TV screen that was tethered to my iPad. It is always so gratifying to see the parents totally engulfed in the viewing of the images and reliving that beautiful day for their child. First Holy Communions are when both parent and child bond together. The child dressed beautifully and in anticipation of the big event before them, while very proud parents offer advice and see their child growing up.


Communion 2013 065 by Trevor Ager

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